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Practices are held on Monday nights,
from 7 P.M. to  9 P. M. at
9125 15th  Pl. South,
Seattle , WA.
(South Park Area)
members and
Guests are 

Remember, our goal is to promote  the Banjo and its music!

President's Message

Coming soon, to a fishing village near you!  The 2005 Port Hadlock Hangout.  Read all about it on page 3.  Spend the weekend, or just the day.. But either way, come on over for a rockin' good time.
Had a pretty good performance last Saturday at the Bothell gig.  The crowd really got into the programů and man, were we hot!!!  Even set one of the sing-along sheets on fire!!  I learned something useful that night but I will wait until next month to try to explain it here.
This month is a major turning point for the Seattle Banjo Club.  We are beginning to show some of the same symptoms that other fraternal organizations are experiencing all over the county.  Membership is declining, and the need of the membership is rapidly changing.  On top of that, the large audiences that were there, just a couple of years ago, now seem to have pulled up stakes.  What the heck is happening?
To put it bluntly, the baby boomers are aging and the "greatest generation" is departing.    The baby boomers have too many other activities pulling at them each and every day.  The oldsters are either in Arizona for the winter, or don't want to drive after dark, or more than ten miles one way.  Either way, we have a huge challenge in trying to cater to either of these groups.   
As for the younger crowd, this generation X was raised on electronic everything and seem to need a laugh track in order to know when to react to anything!?!  <laugh> They don't have any recollection of Shakey's and the great Friday and Saturday entertainment that used to be served.  And while we like to think that our music is timeless, it's still an acquired taste.  It is very difficult to get people to put money up-front to come listen to songs that they don't know the words to.

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