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Practices are held on Monday nights,
from 7 P.M. to  9 P. M. at
9125 15th  Pl. South,
Seattle , WA.
(South Park Area)
members and
Guests are 

Remember, our goal is to promote  the Banjo and its music!

President's Message

Once again, I'm humbled to be your president…. Well, maybe humbled is a little too strong!  Surprised is probably more like it!   I consider this to be a big responsibility and it just seems to be more and more important as the club gets smaller.  We have an interesting dilemma going on… while the club gets smaller, it continues to run and operate as a large club…. We continue to perform our full schedule of jobs due to the undying dedication of a few hardy members.  This is constantly amazing to me.  And the audiences can't seem to get enough, since they continually invite us back time and time again.
In response to our reduced ability to organize large-scale events, and with public attendance waning over the past three years, the club decided to suspend this year's annual Festival with the stage show.  Instead we'll have a weekend of jamming on the peninsula.  Chris Stone has graciously agreed to coordinate this activity and is feverishly working the details that inevitably go along with organizing a multi-day event.  Please plan to attend this since the success of it will largely determine the course of our club for the future.  And since there aren't any other four string banjo events in the  Puget Sound area, it's up to us to keep it going.
Lastly… but not the least.  Music.  And specifically our performance book.  I've been approached by some club members with suggestions that we revamp our performance book for this year.  It seems that some of you want us to "update" our music.  I don't think that there's a uniform opinion as to what that really means.  Some want "new" music, while others just want a change, or some variety, in the songs.  I'm willing to try a minor overhaul but I definitely need help.  I don't' have a ready library of sheet music that we can pick from and I'm a little unsure of the genre of the music that will please most people… therefore I'm asking for your additional input… please let me know

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