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Practice Songs for the: 2011 Western Washington Banjo Festival

Last Updated:   03/20/2011

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Jan 24th - Mar 2nd
Smiles Medley      Ver3 Page1  Page2  Page3 Smiles Medley
Spanish Eyes Practice Technique Spanish Eyes
When You're Smiling   When You're Smiling
Singin' In The Rain   Singin' In the Rain
Bei Mir Bist du Schoen   Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen
Maggie Blues (3 pages Feb19)   Maggie Blues (Feb19)
Maggie Blues (2 page Mar2) PDF: Page 1  2   JPG:  Page 1  2  
Aura Lee (Mar 2) PDF: Page 1  2   JPG:  Page 1  2  

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March 6th          Practice Songs - Live Recording (MP3 format)
Maggie Blues-1 Smiles Medley-1 Singin In The Rain
Maggie Blues-2 Smiles Medley-2 Spanish Eyes
  Smiles Medley-3 BeiMirBistDuSchoen
March 20th          Practice Songs - Live Recording (MP3 format)
Aura Lee Maggie Blues Spanish Eyes 1
Bei Mir Bist DU Schoen Smiles Spanish Eyes 2
Dr Jazz   Spanish Eyes (Piano Horn)



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