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April 1st 2001
New this year - A Sunday Matinee!!

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Recent changes to this site - newest at top.
July 6 Web site moved to our permanent site at:
July 4 Schedule updated - see us at Mercer Island Parade
Also added some new fabulous
web music links!!!
June 10 Johnston Music Benefit on June 24th!!
May 29 Save $50 on Tivo until June 30th!!!  Go HERE
May 1 Summer public appearances listed on our Schedule
April 11
Photos from this year's Festival 
Standing Room Only at the Show - wow!!!
April 8 Photos from this year's Festival coming soon....
(as soon as my headache goes away!)
March22 Miyoko's Web site in Japan -- She'll be at our Festival
March 1 Buy tickets to the Festival in advance!!  Find out HOW!!
Feb 1 Club dues are now due.  Please send to Dick Clarke.
Jan 1 Room rate at Seattle Banjo Festival is cheaper than last year!!
Find it
Dec 11 Seattle Banjo Festival 2000 Headliner Announced
 *** Charlie Tagawa!! ***  <click here>
Photos and music to download.
Nov Schedule updated. Photos added.
Link to
Jim B's Banjo music page!!!
More photos in Club Album #4
Y2K Already receiving bookings for next year!!!!
Sept 26 More photos in Club Albums - Table of Contents
Sept 5 sbcpartial.jpg (90250 bytes)New Mystery Photo # 7
 - Can you guess it??
Aug 31 Another page added to the club photo album - # 3  See Gus ride!!
Also, Microsoft Picnic, Mercer Island Festival & FIGA Convention in Tenn.
June 21 Sad News:  Ray Johnston passed away on Monday afternoon. There will be a memorial/potluck/jam session at the Alki Masonic Hall on Sunday, June 27 at 3:00pm.  The hall is at  4736 - 40th Ave. SW
April 15 Photos from the 1999FestivalWeekend
Mar 27 Photos of Miyoko Onishi from Tokyo added to Festival Pages
Feb 28 Cameo mug shots of SBC players
--more added 3/13/99
Feb 22 Maralee Ellison slips and breaks leg during rehearsal -- No Kidding!!
Jan 23 check.gif (662 bytes)what happened when dick martin came to Seattle???
Jan 1 Mystery Photo 6
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Club Photo 2000
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Our Leader!
Plectrum and Tenor Banjos and the music that they made famous

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