(206) 24 BANJO  http://seattlebanjoclub.com      FEBRUARY    2004                   

Practices are held on Monday nights,
from 7 P.M. to  9 P. M. at
9125 15th  Pl. South,
Seattle , WA.
(South Park Area)
members and
Guests are 

Remember, our goal is to promote  the Banjo and its music!


I want to thank everyone who came to the two performances this month. The Mission Health Care Center always enjoys us, especially Joanie when she is able to come. We received a big "Thank You" for performing in The Johnston Scholarship Benefit on January 25th in West Seattle. I think we were well received. Thanks to everyone!
I am going to list some of the "new" (from the Big Book) songs I have
added to the performance list and songs that have been selected for the #2 song sheets. We needed a second sing-a-along list as we have been returning two or three months later to the same places, only to sing the same ones. It will give us a break and our audience too.
Glenn Dudley has started us on our show tunes, so please come to practice to get your copies. I don't want to list them here yet. These are songs from Broadway musicals, some are easier than others.
I have a performance list and a list of special numbers (which are on the
performance list) available at practice so you can get your book in order and take out the ones we won't be doing and make your book lighter.

These have been added to the performance list:
Ball in Karlstad; Clap Hands, Here Comes Charley  C;
Down Yonder  F;  Hindustan C; Lida Rose G;
Play a Simple Melody   C;  Rock And Roll Waltz  G;
The Sheik Bb; Sweet Sue   F
These are on the 2nd sing-a-long sheet:
By the Light of the Silvery Moon  C; Dark town Strutters Ball C;
Good Night Irene  G; Hello Dolly  C; My Gal Sal Bb; Smiles  G;
Tavern in the Town C ; Toot, Toot, Tootsie  C

See you at practice!


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