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Practices are held on Monday nights,
from 7 P.M. to  9 P. M. at
9125 15th  Pl. South,
Seattle , WA.
(South Park Area)
members and
Guests are 

Remember, our goal is to promote  the Banjo and its music!


Didn't we just have Thanksgiving?  Not to mention Christmas? By the time you get the newsletter it will be nearly New Years.
We had a nice Christmas Party on December 8th with the few of us that were there.  However, somewhat subdued because of Karl May being so ill.  Kathy, our deepest sympathy and prayers to you and your family.
Zane Smith and Glen Dudley played a great duet on their instruments, Glady Mayes played on her guitar, Rebecca Ferrell played on her harp, and Tommy Thompson did a tap dance for us.  We finished the evening with Christmas music.  We also had three performances where we used the Christmas music.
I hope to have a new performance list done in January  along with another list of sing-a-long songs.  There might be a few of the same on the list but we need this because we have a few places we go back to in a couple of months.
We have had a really good year with the club.  Usually enough people have shown up for the performances to do a good job.  Thursdays at Jack and Barbara's have been lots of fun and a good learning time because we play some different music than we do on Monday night.
Glen Dudley is busy getting some songs together for the show.  He will have some ready for our first practice on the 5th of January.                                                                         


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