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The Seattle Banjo Club on the web since 1995.  What do we do with the money?  <click here>

Seattle Banjo Club - Always looking for new members!

  2011 - We're still holding practices twice a month. Call our phone number to find the location.
Meetings: On Dec 10, 2007 we met for the last time at the Aeromechanics Hall, 9125 15th Place S., Seattle (SouthPark Area), Washington
We've met there for approximately 26 years.

Our meetings will be held at various locations - usually on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month.  Call the phone number below to get info about the upcoming location.  In the first part of the year, they will be held in Renton.

Location: Varies
Time: 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month... Call for the time.
Phone: (425) 235-7460 (24 hour recording) -- Call for directions
Music: Some of the best music in the world are songs written between 1890 and 1940. Select here to see a listing of over 300 titles in Seattle Banjo Club's Playbook.
Agenda: Usually we practice solos, new numbers and licks during the first hour. Then the second hour is open play, with members selecting songs of their choice for the whole group to play. Visitors and traveling players are welcome to attend. Call for directions.

Seattle Banjo Festival

Until 2004, each year we hosted the Seattle Banjo Festival, near SeaTac Airport. Check out the photos from previous shows and get information about the next Festival.  The current events are not a "Festival" as much as a weekend-get-a-way for players!! What a great way to overdose on great songs by great performers.

Plectrum Banjo and me... (or you)

I play a 1930 Vega Soloist Plectrum Banjo made in Boston, Mass. I began playing in 1991. With the Seattle Banjo Club, we play about 4 or 5 times a month at various Rest Homes, Hospitals, Convalescent Centers, and other gigs as requested. All moneys received for these jobs are donated to Children's Hospital. We've even been known to play in a parade or two. Click here to see a photo of us at the Lake City Parade 1995  and the Mercer Island Parade 2000.. Or click here to see a typical Plectrum Banjo - four strings, 22 frets, great sound. Or here to see a typical Tenor Banjo - four strings, 19 frets.

Members usually play the Plectrum banjo or the Tenor banjo.  Both of these have four strings and are played with a plastic pick (plectrum).  This style of playing was made popular in the 1920's and 1930's.  The plectrum usually has 22 frets and the tenor has 19 frets.

A five string banjo can be played with our music, but usually only if it is played with a pick.  Using finger picks, and the fifth string, will add a blue-grass under tone, which is not usually the type of sound that we try to achieve.   Some members actually use a five-string banjo, with the fifth string removed.  No problem.   The tuning is usually the same (C G B D) and the sound is right in step with the golden oldies of the 20's and 30's.  If in doubt, show up and we'll jam together any way that we can.

 ..........................Bill Barker

New to the Banjo???

Have a question??
Try our List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Plectrum and Tenor Banjo

Other World Wide Web Banjo Sites:

Pittsbury Banjo Club

The Banjo Authority - The Resonator!!!

A Super Site for Plectrum and Tenor Banjo information is:
Four String Banjo Links

Banjos Unlimited

More FAQs about 5-String, Tenor and Plectrum

A great way to practice songs over the Internet!!!  Jim Bottorff's Page!! The Oakland Banjo Band from California <Excellent!>

Players who have played on our stage
Miyoko Onishi's web site in Japan
Cynthia Sayer in New York, New York
Charlie Tagawa in San Francisco, California
Don VanPalta in Grand Junction, Colorado

Free and sample sheet music

Old-time favorites online <my personal favorite>
with original lyrics and a view of the original sheet music

Online Banjo Music Magazine!!!  - Great Information

Lyrics from Top songs 1930-1999

Jim Lyon  715 41st Ave.  E. Moline IL  61244   Phone (309) 755-0587  String instrument repairs--will also make new  5-string, Tenor, or Plectrum Banjos.

Mickey Finn is Greater than ever!!!

But, be sure to come back and visit us again. Thanks!!

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