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The Seattle Banjo Club

Seattle Banjo Festival 2000

Renton, WA
April 8, 2000

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Jam session was fantastic.  After the Saturday show, a crowd of 70+ people started playing while Charlie Tagawa conducted.   Some people danced, some sang.  Some played trombones, coronets and the accordion.  It went non-stop until about 1:30 am when some of these  pictures were taken. If you see red in their eyes, it's not because of the camera!
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lester8.jpg (594505 bytes)
Jim Lester from Vancouver, Canada
miyoko82.jpg (433205 bytes)
Miyoko from Japan
sbf108.jpg (585241 bytes)
sbf115.jpg (729202 bytes)
More Japanese visitors
sbf12.jpg (375910 bytes)
What key are we in?
sbf13.jpg (600502 bytes)
The key of "L",
at least it sounds like it.
sbf75.jpg (524095 bytes)
Serious players
sbf76.jpg (395213 bytes)
Easy pickings!
sbf83.jpg (610937 bytes)
You think five strings is hard to span?!?!?!
darby111.jpg (40351 bytes)
What's dat noise?
food10.jpg (65594 bytes)
Lots of food in the H room
myoko72b.jpg (126000 bytes)
Miyoko and Jack
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Thought:  "God made some jokes short and simple, so that bass players could understand them."

Bill Barker, Bellevue, Washington, USA
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