The Seattle Banjo Club
Seattle Banjo Festival 2001

"Old Favorites
for a New Century"

Tukwila, Washington
April 1, 2001

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This year's Seattle Banjo Festival was one of the best.  There were almost 100 banjo players in attendance as well as a great audience for the Sunday matinee performance.  Don VanPalta showed everyone what Eddie Peabody must have been like with his intricate fingering and dynamic scale changes.  The acts were very entertaining with lots of singing and dancing.  While we didn't get too many photos of the actual show, here are a number of shots of the various workshops that were in full swing throughout the weekend.  
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Instruments for sale
display23.jpg (266686 bytes)
and still more...
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Don has a customer!
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Memorabilia for sale
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Past Festivals
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Club information
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Off-The-Wall Jam Sessions
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All ages play together
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Jack LaFond - Tenor Techniques
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Door Prizes
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Boise, Hawaii??
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Miyoko & Friends 
all the way from Japan!
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The Keystone Cops practice on each other!!!  :-)
twoheaded67.jpg (226136 bytes)
The only known photo of the Two-Headed banjo player... sorry it's so bad.. I was nudged by Sasquatch!
vanpaltaws33.jpg (257880 bytes)
Don shows how "easy" it is to play the banjo!
  vanpaltaws34.jpg (248644 bytes)
Don VanPalta's Workshop

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Sign on banjo-playing street musician:  "Will stop playing for money."

Bill Barker, Bellevue, Washington, USA
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