Lead by Cliff Evans

The Seattle Banjo Club
Seattle Banjo Festival 2001

"Old Favorites
for a New Century"

Tukwila, Washington
April 1, 2001

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Don VanPalta gave TWO workshops, one in the morning and another in the afternoon.  They were very well attended and he did a great job of conveying useful information to everyone in the room with his wonderful demonstrations.   The other workshops on Saturday were also a big hit.  We had classes for Tenor-Techniques, Music Theory, and Wooden-Instrument Repairs (Luthier).  New this year were Beginner classes and the surprise favorite... The Off-The-Wall Jam Session, where the music was projected on the wall so that everyone played from the same music --and-- the same key!!  :-)  
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vanpaltaws35.jpg (227300 bytes)
Don's First workshop was well attended
vanpaltaws36.jpg (221829 bytes)
Don up high
vanpaltaws37.jpg (244359 bytes)
A big crowd for his SECOND workshop!
workshop20.jpg (258120 bytes)
High interest in Tenor
workshop28.jpg (215440 bytes)
Beginner classes
workshop29.jpg (471104 bytes)
Chris Stone gives first-timers some great tips
workshop30.jpg (158561 bytes)
Terry Shaw - Music Theory
workshop31.jpg (284354 bytes)
The morning class
workshop32.jpg (237607 bytes)
One of THREE beginner workshops
workshop39.jpg (201126 bytes)
Clint showed some great tips
workshop40.jpg (196657 bytes)
"Students" with full attention
workshop41.jpg (215629 bytes)
It's fun and easy
workshop43.jpg (222215 bytes)
Music theory made easy
workshop44.jpg (619579 bytes)
Ryan's first lesson
workshop45.jpg (244283 bytes)
Students of all ages
workshop38.jpg (225787 bytes)
Clint - the Luthier!
workshop42.jpg (211662 bytes)
Understanding music is a life-long task

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Sign on wall:  "Old banjo players never die, they just play half fast."

Bill Barker, Bellevue, Washington, USA
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