The S e a t t l e  B a n j o  Fe s t i v a l This Year Celebrating
The Seattle Banjo Club's 40th Anniversary
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Jam Sessions:
   Friday April 5
   Saturday April 6
Main Show:
   Sunday April 7

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 (After April 7th)
Jam Sessions
Main Show

April 7th 2002

The Headliner for this year's festival,
from Orlando, Florida

You know it's gonna rain! Stay inside with us!!

Johnny Baier     Johnny Baier
Johnny Baier began his professional career two weeks after picking up a banjo in 1971. He has earned an admirable reputation as one of the world’s most ardent performers on and promoters of banjo. From the beginning at Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in Oshkosh, Wisconsin Johnny has kept his performances both musical and entertaining. Varied musical influences as a youngster (jazz to polkas to classical) coupled with inspiration, guidance and instruction from many great banjo artists of the past have produced a contemporary artist with a unique sound and style. His performances demonstrate an eagerness to add new textures and colors to the banjo’s perceived repertoire and sound. His unique touch is applied to ragtime, jazz, blues, bluegrass, folk, classics and traditional banjo favorites.

A highlight of his career occurred in 1983 when Johnny was named North American Banjo Champion at a competition in  Ontario, Canada which featured some of the finest banjoists in Canada and the USA. He was then asked to represent a division of the Sara Lee Corporation as a musical goodwill ambassador. This gave him the opportunity to perform at trade shows, fairs, parades and special events all over the USA. After three years and 150,000 miles he decided to “settle down” in Orlando, Florida. In 1988 he began performing at the world-famous Rosie O’Grady’s at Church Street Station. Since that time Johnny has performed over 15,000 solo shows on cruise ships, at community and corporate events, and as a featured guest artist at music festivals and concert venues around the world.

It is clear that his love for the banjo and the music it is capable of creating has allowed Johnny to evolve into exactly what he wanted to become.....THE BANJO MAN.

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