April 2003 Seattle Banjo Club Festival

Tacoma Banjo Club
The Stage Hands
Grays Harbor Banjo Band
Southtown Strummers
Kitsap Banjo Club
Banjo Club
There and Back Trio
Boise Banjo Band
Hank Dougherty
Northwest Banjo Band

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It was a great weekend.  I thought that the Friday Jam Session was great! It was still going strong at 11pm when I left.  People sang, danced and played their hearts out.  Besides banjos, we had a piano, tuba, accordion, sax, bass sax, washboard and probably a couple of other instruments that I didn't see.

Saturday workshops were very well attended.  There were 15 students at the first beginner session and 5 at the afternoon one.  The double sessions by Dave Frey were standing room only!!

Then after dinner, the group agreed to revert back to the off-the-wall method where the music is projected to a large screen.  With this as the common starting point,  players began together, and the songs sounded very well -- everyone was in the same key!!!  :-)

Thanks for attending!!

Bill Barker, Bellevue, Washington, USA
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