Port Hadlock Banjo Hangout

Update - Dec 2004

By Chris Stone 

Banjo Preservation can be accomplished by having a climate controlled closet where we stick our banjo, and "presto", it will be as good as new in twenty plus years. But our playing skill wonít be preserved if we donít use it.

"Playing Your Banjos" is the main purpose of the Hadlock Banjo Hangout during the weekend of March 11 to 13, 2005. If this weekend of banjo playing is for you, bring extra strings and picks so we have no hesitation to pop open the cases and play those banjos.

There is a cost for a weekend like this, and we are planning to ensure the rewards well outweigh the costs. Two nights at the Inn at Port Hadlock, with breakfast included, is $198 plus tax. The ferry ride is $15 and it might take a half tank of gas driving to the site just south of Port Townsend. Yet playing your banjo for two and a half days Ė Priceless! (To reserve your room call 1-800-785-7030)

If the price is causing you anxiety donít give up. We will explore some economy options to accommodate any who might like to take part. Donít be bashful, even tell Santa about the March weekend get-away, then add it to your Christmas list. What? No Bow Tie and Bread Machine for Christmas? Silver bells ringing could be either plectrum and tenor. And who needs sugar plums. May visions of banjo playing pave the way to make the Hadlock Banjo Hangout weekend a memorable get-away!

There is a cost of not playing your banjo Ė loss of calluses and dexterity.

--See you there!


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