Port Hadlock Banjo Hangout Update - Nov 2004

By Chris Stone

Four string Banjo music in the Northwest is great to share with the greater music loving community, and our benefit performances and  the Seattle Banjo Festivals have done this over the years. Yet who likes banjo more than banjo players? The Hadlock Banjo Hangout during the Weekend of March 11th to 13th, 2005 is a reinforcement weekend for banjo players to put aside the final polish for the "performance" and to hang out for the fun of playing and listening to banjo. The preservation of the banjo is important to ensure we have four string banjo music into the next generation. It would be wonderful to sponsor several younger "under 30" banjo players to join us and see the joy and intense jamming over the weekend. As we need more banjo teachers, we also benefit by having places for younger banjo players to fit in.

Unfortunately weekends like this have a cost for room and meals, and if there are any banjo enthusiasts who would support the Scholarship Award for younger and struggling banjo players, consider this scholarship fund donation as a Christmas gift. And for banjo spouses, consider giving your banjo player a weekend at Port Hadlock. And of course, you can stay in the room and go shopping at Port Townsend. Stay tuned on line at


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