Port Hadlock Banjo Hangout Update - Oct 2004

by Chris Stone

Heading off to nowhere in March of 2005 to take part in a Banjo weekend?   Most of us are trying to decide what we should have for Thanksgiving dinner, or where we might be for New Year’s Eve.  Yes, it is true that next March 11th to 13th is a ways off.  Yet if total immersion in banjo at a top level resort is something of interest, mark your calendars and let's investigate this a bit further.  Every month we'll be putting an update in the Gazette and soon there will be information on the website, http://seattlebanjoclub.com. For many of us banjo players over fifty, the Burma Shave signs kept our interest as we went down the road. Hadlock Banjo Hangout updates keep reminding us to see if our March calendar can take three days of  “Reality Banjo”.  Just don't be surprised if the rooms sell out well before March 11th.  Reminds me of that old banjo tune -- “Procrastination I Know” in C.   

Ajax Restaurant is just across the harbor from the Inn at Port Hadlock, and their claim to fame is loaner ties for the guys and hats for the gals, not to forget the forks stuck in the ceiling.  They also have a piano and we might just work in a Thursday Night Banjo Gig for out of town guests and four string fanatics.  We'll work on this as a kick-off for the three day hangout. 

Bring your working banjo to the Hadlock Banjo Hangout, because we hope to spend more time in workshop format jam sessions and informal fun playing than sitting around with our banjos in a case listening to all the bands in their twenty minutes of glory. The big conference room at Port Hadlock is being set up for the “Battle of the Bands” on Saturday afternoon.  The first four bands (five players or more) to sign up each get a corner of the room and the audience (if anyone can take it) sits in the middle as each band gets one song off in sequence.  Yes, “Reality Banjo” might be new for some of us old timers, but what the heck! We are here to have fun and do something different. And, if your spouse or significant guest for the weekend has a “banjo migraine” there are great shops and even a winery just to the north at Port Townsend.  

Our goal is not to sit around and get fat, so there should be plenty of opportunity to play off the pounds we gain from the sumptuous evening meals and the “Wake-up Banjo Breakfast Buffet” -- select banjo music provided by special arrangements.  Attire will be informal for the most part, yet for Saturday Evening we will dress up with our finest banjo vest or flapper dress.  Flat hats or bowlers for the guys and Feathers for the gals would be a hoot!

Someone said this might be a different weekend, and maybe we had just better reservea room at the Inn at Port Hadlock, www.innatporthadlock.com.  as we are deciding if our fingers, ears, and blood pressure can take this extravaganza.   

Hope to see you there -- Chris Stone, Seattle Banjo Club -- Hadlock Banjo Hangout Honcho.

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