1997 Seattle Banjo Festival

Announcement and Information

Dateline November 1996-- The Seattle Banjo Club today announced that the Headliner for the 1997 Seattle Banjo Festival will be CYNTHIA SAYER. She will perform at the Highline Performing Arts Center on March 22, 1997 in Burien, Washington. The show theme will be Americana. This show will feature Banjo Bands from the Pacific Northwest as well as players from Canada.

After you read this page, you can check out Cynthia's own Web Homepage by clicking on the following: http://home.earthlink.net/~cynth/index.html She has a gorgeous photo here, as well as a biography, listing of upcoming events and downloadable soundbites from three of her songs!!!

Tickets are available
by mail (before 3/15/97) to SBC, 2716 161st Place SE, Mill Creek, WA 98012

$10 Donation.
The Hospitality Room and Jam sessions will be held at The Quality Inn, 170th and Pacific Hiway South at the SeaTac Airport.

performers should contact Dick Floyd at 17026 67th Ave W., Edmonds, WA 98026 or 206-743-0027 for information.

Jam sessions will be held Friday March 21st at 7:30 pm
as well as Saturday March 22nd right after the show.

A workshop will be conducted by Cynthia on Saturday, March 22 at 1pm at the Hotel.

Admittance to all of these are included in the Show Ticket price.

All proceeds from this show will be donated to Children's Hospital.

The Seattle Banjo Club is a longtime supplier of the sounds of the good music from the 20's, 30's and 40's. Now celebrating their Third Decade, they perform approximately 50 times a year at retirement homes, hospitals, and civic functions with all moneys being donated to Children's Hospital. In the past few years, SBC has donated over $20,000. Thanks to all of you who request the good music and thereby help out our precious children in their time of need. God bless you all.

For Further Information Contact:

Seattle Banjo Club
PO Box 2594
Auburn, WA 98071

Tel: 206-24-BANJO
e-mail: bbarker@ix.netcom.com
URL: http://www.barkerville.net/seabanjo

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Updated: 1/27/97

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