2019 Western Washington 4 String Banjo Festival <See FLYER>
is at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, Wa
on June 5, 6 &7 in 2019. The Public Welcome for FREE!!!! 
See Photos & Videos from previous
Seattle Banjo Club Festivals
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Celebrating our 57th year in 2019!!! T
hanks for visiting!

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As of Jan 2013, we are suspending our usual schedule.  Come join us at the Renton Senior Center.

What we do with it


The MOST RECENT posting is at the top of the list.
Published Date Updates, Information and links
Mar 22 View this VIDEO of us this week.
Mar 2019 Come see us on Apr 19th -- FREE. See 2019 Schedule
Jan 2019 Come see us on Jan 15th at the Renton Senior Center!
May Only ONE more playout (in JUNE) until we break for the summer. See our schedule to the right of this box.
Dec Check our 2018 Schedule to the right --->
2018 Please check our schedule to the right.
Oct, Nov, Dec Come listen and dance during our three remaining playouts of this year. There is no fee and lots of seating.
Apr, May, June Dates added to our Schedule Page. Click on "2017 Schedule" to the right of this line. (REFRESH the page if you don't see dates for these three months)
2017 Our Schedule has been updated to the right of here. See you!!
September THREE gigs left this year. See them on the 2016 SCHEDULE link to the right. Oct, Nov and Dec. It's free - show up!!!!
Feb Click here to see VIDEOs of past performances.
2016 Welcome to a new year! Look at our 2016 Calendar to the right of here. We hope to see you all on April 19th!!!
Oct - Dec We are temporarily canceling all of our playouts for the rest of the year. We have some members unable to attend and we felt that we needed a couple more people in order to perform satisfactorily for an audience. Look for us again in January when we will be back at the Renton Senior Center!!
Jime 6. 2015 Annual Banjo Festival - 6 bands
FREE Attendance. See Info Here
-- and video from Previous Years
April to June Upcoming dates now posted. See 2015 Schedule to the right.
Jan 2015 Come listen to us in Renton or at Shelton.
Dec Good video of us.
Sept Rest in Peace Dick Clarke - Obituary
Oct-Dec Schedule updated.
Click on the 2014 Schedule to the right of here.
January 2014 Welcome to a new year. Our 52nd!!! Check the SCHEDULE to the right. The Renton Senior Center is FREE to attend. Just show up.
November Wouldn't you have liked to see Lawrence Welch play the banjo?? With Eddie Peabody??? Click HERE
Oct 15th Tuesday Come to our gig at the Renton Senior Activity Center. 10am-Noon. FREE Admission.
July-Aug We're going to take the summer off. Have never done that before!!! See you in Sept or Oct.
View our schedule for the rest of the year HERE
March-June 18th Come hear us at 10 am and stay for lunch.
<See the MENU  $3 for Age 60+ >
December 2012

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Effective January 2013, we are NOT taking reservations for any playing events for the year.

Please come join us at the Renton Senior Center.  See the SCHEDULE to the right.

Oct 1st Playout schedule updated.  See at right -->
July 18 God Bless Walt Lewis.
July 5th Summer begins in Seattle!!
June Another hugely successful Festival!!!
See  VIDEO  of some of the performances
February See our upcoming performance schedule in the right column.  Fifty years of entertainment!!
2012 Congrats Bill Andersen.  Our Golden President.   Feel the HISTORY.
Dec 11th, 2011 Christmas Gathering at Evan's House
Nov Children's Hospital sent us a letter saying that our total contribution to them is now $61,670.   Wow... Thanks Everyone!!
Sept Seattle's newest garage grunge band :-)
August 14, 2011 Just moved this website to a hosting service in So. California.  It's been in my house for the past 15 years - but power outages drove me nuts.  Including one last week for 3 hours!  (in mid-August!!)   It should be much more reliable now.
July/August Enjoying the summer!!!
Playout schedule is updated (right column) for the rest of the year! -- Website  is now hosted in So. California.
March, April, May Join us Friday and Saturday June 3,4 at the Little Creek Casino.   Map available at: HERE
February We have changed our phone number to (425) 235-7460
Yep, it's a new year!!  Check our schedule.  Banjo players are always welcome to come visit and check us out.
Dec Another year filled will the sweet sounds of banjo music.  See you in 2011.
Sept & Oct Schedule updated and map links added
August You can tell it's summertime in Seattle...  the rain is warmer. :-(
July Tacoma Banjo Band website
June 7th See video from this year's Festival.  <Go directly to YouTube and Click on HD (High Definition) for best results.>   HERE
June 1st Uniform changes to WHITE shoes, socks, pants and BLUE shirts.
April, May Looking forward to the Little Creek Casino weekend in June!!  Drop by.  It's free!!  See top of this page for last year's video.
Saturday January 30th.   30th Anniversary Duwamish Dixieland Jazz Band celebration.  See Schedule -->
December Calendar for 2010 Now posted
           -- look to the right->
**Let's end the year with a video clip from the Mayo Clinic.   HERE 
November Club elections and Sunday practice at the VFW.  Read about it in the newsletter or click 2009 Schedule to the right.
October Watch Video from a recent rehearsal session.  HERE
Plan Ahead for Next Year April 8-10, 2010  Sacramento, California BANJORAMA with John Green and the gang!!!   Let's Caravan!
June Watch Video from the Festival - Click HERE
May - June 5/30 Bar-B-Que 4:30 - 7 pm at Redmond VFW

June 5-7 at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, Washington!!  FREE ADMISSION

Click on 2009 Schedule to the right of this column for more information.

April - May See hear us at the Redmond VFW on 4/26.  And again on 5/30.
March Think NO-Snow and come Practice at the VFW!
Feb 28 See CLUB ALBUM22 in left column for Photos of VFW practice session

February 22
Come listen, dance and sing with us at the Redmond VFW from 2 to 4 pm
-- See the  FLYER
Jan 24 One of the banjo communities most-liked leaders passed away today --- Ben E Smith.  He was the President of the Tacoma Banjo Club for the past 20 years.  He will be missed for many years to come.
Hall of Fame Announcement The founder of the Seattle Banjo Club, Myron Hinkle has been selected for induction into the Banjo Hall of Fame in Guthrie Oklahoma.  See the April Invitation and the Newspaper article and photos
2009 Welcome to a new Year!! The schedule was updated to the right of this page.

NOTICE:  The SBC is looking for some new players.  We are going to evaluate some other instruments besides banjos for inclusion in our club.  If you play a horn, string or other instrument, why don't you join us in a jam session and see what we're all about. 

As you can see by our schedule from previous years (at the bottom of the Schedule page) we cater to retirement homes and family gatherings.  Occasionally we'll perform at a parade, or other large venue, such as the Kingdome!!

Call us at (206) 24-banjo and we'll tell you  where to drop by for an informal session.

Sept- Dec Practice for non-snowbirds at Jack and Barbars's house.  Christmas party now listed on 2008 schedule.
June/July/August If summer ever arrives, have fun!!!
April Banjo Festival info now available HERE
March June 6-8 at Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA. - the Western Washington 4 String Banjo Festival.  Book by May 23rd.
Feb 10 Poster from 1963
Feb Banjo Festival - Shelton, WA June 6,7,8 Call 253-537-7883 or email to:  julouhau@aol.com
Jan 2008 Practices now held at a new location and on different dates.  Be sure to check this out.  
Dec 10 Join us at our annual Christmas Potluck & Jam Session
It's open to the Public.  See Schedule to the right.
NOTE:  This is the last meeting for the year.
Dec 1st Last club practice forever at the Aero Hall on Dec 10th.   After 26 years we will meet at a different location beginning next year.  Join us to say farewell 6 pm on the 10th.
Nov No Hadlock Hangout in 2008.  Alternatives being looked at but probably won't pan out.  We may try something later in the year, but no promises... More than likely the next event will be deferred to 2009.
Oct Club Members:  Please submit ballots for next year's officers.
Sept No practice 9/3.   Hope to see John on the 10th!!  It was good talking with you at Issaquah.
August Come see us at the Farmer's Market, Pickering Barn, Issaquah on August 18th between 11 am - Noon.
July George Smith passed away.  1914-2007 
May 1 The Seattle Banjo Club will be at Caldwell... come join us.
April 8 107 Hadlock Hangout photos now available new.gif (909 bytes)
Feb24     Hadlock Hangout Schedule now posted
Feb 6 Wineland Banjo Band will perform Friday and Saturday at the Hadlock Hangout.  Check out their website.
Feb 1 God bless Ray Powell. Passed Away in Yuma today.
Jan 12 2007 Deadline for the Hadlock Hangout is Feb 16th.
Featuring the
WINELAND BANJO BAND from California.     More info HERE
Dec 26 Only 71 days left until the Hadlock Hangout!!  Make your hotel reservations now!  Special Guest this year!!
Oct Information about 2007 Hadlock Hangout now available!!
Sept Welcome to Debbie - our newest member!!
June Practice Songs updated.  See the column on the right.
April Thanks from the Hearthstone.
Feb 8  A good number of rooms have already been reserved.  Only a couple are left at the host hotel.
Call or email Cliff to reserve a dinner.
Jan 12 Don't try to make reservations thru the hotel website. 
It will say they are full.  Call the 1-800 number for accurate info and to reserve a room!!!
Jan 2006 Register before Feb 1,  for discount!!!!   HERE
2006 Beginning with the first practice this year, our hours will change to begin at 6:30 pm until 8 pm.
Nov 14 Official Hangout "flyer" now available.  Find it Here.
Nov 7 Announcement and Weekend information coming soon about the Hangout at Port Hadlock - (Click here for a peek)
August A hot public performance at the Issaquah Farmer's Market
June&July See us in Boise, Idaho in June and Mercer Island, Wa in July
See previous photos at here.
Apr 6 A Zillion Photos now available from this year's Festival at Hadlock - 5 pages!!
Mar 1 FLASH!  Under 21 years old?  Get in Free at Hadlock Banjo Hangout -- all weekend!!!
Feb 27 Final Schedule for next Weekend at Pt. Hadlock &
March Club Newsletter
Feb 6 Map on how to find Hadlock Hangout!!
Feb 6 Our February Newsletter with a Hadlock Update!!
Last chance for Hotel rooms -- see page 3.
Jan 15 Our January Newsletter is available online
Jan 5
Welcome to the new year.  The site was down for a few days getting some back-end improvements.  Should be fit-as-a-fiddle now!
Dec 4 Monday 12/13/04  6-9 pm.  Our annual Christmas Potluck - You're invited!  Bring a treat.  Location:  Aeromechanics Hall
Nov 29 Another update on next years' banjo weekend.
Oct 31 More info on the Festival for next year!!!  HERE
Aug 1 NEW Banjo Get-a-way Weekend
March 11-13, 2005 at Port Hadlock, WA
-- watch here for more details later this year
July 4th Mercer Island Parade next weekend at 10am
May 10 Thanks everyone!!!  Come see us at a public location.
April 17 Want to reserve some tickets?  Call 206-242-2656 and leave your name and the number of tickets that you want.  They'll be waiting at the ticket booth for you!!!  Enjoy!!
April 4 Workshops and events now listed.
April 1 Coming to town April 23-25. 
Scott Whitfield
from Dallas/Ft Worth Texas.  Come jam with him, or just listen.  See his full performance on stage. 
More info HERE.
March 15 Miyoko from Japan is coming to play again this year!!!
So is: Kitsap, Boise, and Tacoma!
March 6 New Hotel for this year's Jam Sessions!!  Great Rooms!
Feb 14 Announcing this year's Festival Headliner and NEW Hotel Location.  Join the fun for 3 full days!! 
Feb 1 See our February Newsletter
Jan 11 2004 See our January Newsletter with pictures
Dec 14 God Bless Karl May  Oct 21, 1930 - Dec 14, 2003
10/31/03 Join us Dec 8th for our Christmas Party and Potluck.
See our Schedule for more information
9/13/03 Join us at Issaquah Pickering Barn - Public Market
8/23/03 Join us at Fort Casey, Whidbey Island!!
7/24/03 Our Annual Donation to Children's Hospital 
Now over $50,000 total!
Mark your calendars - Mercer Island Parade, July 12th and then at the Ballard Locks, August 2nd -- Our Schedule
5/4/03 25 Festival Photos ---  Jam   Show
4/18/03 Show information updated. Free Workshops Schedule.
-----> Go HERE!!  Photos of the Bands!
3/2/03 Pizza and Banjos Monday Night 7-9 pm March 10th!! 
Click here for Info & Maps!  At Round Table Pizza, 15025 NE 24th Street, Redmond (Behind Overlake Sears)
1/29/03 Playout at the Ashler Lodge in Bothell - photos


More Info UPDATED March 4th
Our 2003 Festival Headliners!!!
Information now available HERE. 
11/11 Jean Harris says "Hi" to everyone!!!
9/21 Bruce Jones submitted 5 photos of us at The Ballard Locks this summer.   Thanks Mr & Mrs Jones!!
9/1/02 Schedule updated. 
Our V.P. is not at an undisclosed location.  See him at a playout near you!  :-)
8/8/02 Jack's doing great!!!
Aug 1 Check out our Editor's latest accomplishment!!!!!
July 22 Club approves another $2,000 for Children's, bringing our total donations since 1991 to $47,370.
July 21 Grand Opening of the SeaHawks Stadium Photo <1  <2
June 29 Four public gigs in July - Come see us at the Crossroads Mall, Mercer Island Parade, Issaquah Public Market or at the Grand Opening of the new Seahawks Stadium --- all Free!!  <Our Schedule>
June 28 Ten photos from the Boise Roundup!!
April 15 The first 50 photos are now available! Page 1Page 2
April 7 Festival Photos Coming Soon. In the meantime, here is a "purported" sighting of  Elvis!!! <click here> Blue Suede Shoes?!
April 6 NOTE:  Sunday is Daylight Savings Time!!  Remember to set your clocks ahead an hour Saturday night!!
Mar 29 Schedules, maps and list of performers for the Seattle Banjo Show have now been updated!!  See all info here and here!
Mar 23 Circle The Wagons Banjo Gatherin' has changed their dates.  It will now be in Caldwell, Idaho on June 6th, 7th and 8th.
Mar 22 Friday night radio interview and music with Johnny Baier has been cancelled.   See maps & updated schedule here.
Mar 8 Got snowed in today... so decided to do something that was long overdue... Mystery Photo # 9!!!!!!!
Mar 5 Yes!!   Miyoko from Japan will perform again at this year's show... in fact her husband is coming with her this time!! Photos 1 2 3 4
Feb 22 FESTIVAL INFO:  Friday and Saturday at the RED LION HOTEL on East Marginal Way, Seattle<Order Tickets Now>
 Friday - all day open jamming (visitors welcome)
 Saturday - 9am - 5pm Free Workshops (visitors welcome)
    -Workshop schedule updated
 Saturday - 7pm - midnight Organized Jamming (visitors.. etc)
 Sunday -  1pm Formal Show at Burien Performing Arts Center
Jan 17th Sad news... Les Brown passed today.  God Bless Him.
Jan 1st Schedule updated!  Jobs scheduled clear until Dec 2002!
Our first job of the new year is open to the public at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue.  See you there!
2002 Welcome to the new year!!  Jack LaFond is the new president!
Dec 8 2002 Banjo Festival on April 7th, 2002 - Info now available
Sept 23 We donate another $6,000 to Childrens!
Sept 1 Two Public Performances this month - Schedule
Aug 25 32 more photos from the Festival Show added - page 4, 5
June 27 Caldwell photo at Album 13
June See you at Caldwell, Idaho!!  See our schedule.
April 2 What a show!!  38 Photos now available  (more coming soon)
Mar 12 Workshop Schedule now available.
Mar 1 Bands and Performers now announced!!!
Feb 21 Three photos of Mickie Finn's Band and his record album
Feb 9 The Seattle Banjo Club Festival has been chosen to be The Greatest Event on Earth for 24 hours on the web site http://festivals.com   It will appear there on March 31st!!!
Feb 7 Have a cell phone with "net" capability?  
Go to http://tagtag.com/banjo  (only works with cell phones)
and you can find info about the Festival
Jan 23 New Mystery Photo!!! Number 8 
When and where was it taken??  Hint:  It's not there anymore!
Jan 5 More web links added - also a new link to a VanPalta article.  Ky Fox and Trudy Holly Obituaries now available.
2001 Happy New Year!
Dec 11 Christmas Banquet Photos and New Officers Installed
Dec 10 Sad news... Ky Fox & Trudy Holly passed away this month.
Oct 2 Photo Album page 9 now added - Keywords: Michigan, 1940 Chev
Oct 1 2001 Festival Headliner announced - Don Van Palta !!!
Aug 26 15 Pictures from The Ballard Locks
Aug 8 A visit with Trudy Hawley - Seattle's Sweetheart of Fun!
Aug 6 and MORE parade photos - Album Page 7
July 8 Photos at the Mercer Island Parade - Album Page 6
July 4 Schedule updated - see us at Mercer Island Parade
Also added some new fabulous
web music links!!!
April 11
Photos from this year's Festival 
Standing Room Only at the Show - wow!!!
March22 Miyoko's Web site in Japan -- She'll be at our Festival
Feb 1 Club dues are now due.  Please send to Jean Harris.
Jan 1 Room rate at Seattle Banjo Festival is cheaper than last year!!
Find it
2000 Happy New Millennium
Dec 11 Seattle Banjo Festival 2000 Headliner Announced
 *** Charlie Tagawa!! ***  <click here>
Photos and music to download.
Nov Schedule updated. Photos added.
Link to
Jim B's Banjo music page!!!
More photos in Club Album #4
Sept 26 More photos in Club Albums - Table of Contents
Sept 5 sbcpartial.jpg (90250 bytes)New Mystery Photo # 7
 - Can you guess it??
Aug 31 Another page added to the club photo album - # 3  See Gus ride!!
Also, Microsoft Picnic, Mercer Island Festival & FIGA Convention in Tenn.
June 21 Sad News:  Ray Johnston passed away on Monday afternoon. There will be a memorial/potluck/jam session at the Alki Masonic Hall on Sunday, June 27 at 3:00pm.  The hall is at  4736 - 40th Ave. SW
April 15 Photos from the 1999FestivalWeekend
Mar 27 Photos of Miyoko Onishi from Tokyo added to Festival Pages
Feb 28 Cameo mug shots of SBC players
--more added 3/13/99
Feb 22 Maralee Ellison slips and breaks leg during rehearsal -- No Kidding!!
Jan 23 check.gif (662 bytes)what happened when Dick Martin came to Seattle???
Jan 1 Mystery Photo 6
palefacesm.jpg (3097 bytes) Who is it?
1999 Happy New Year
check.gif (662 bytes) Click HERE for a list of previous changes to this web site along with direct links to them.

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